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Whether your junk car is very expensive to repair or may cost you hundreds of dollars to get it through its next MOT or is at the end of its on-road life, we at Austick Car Removal will tow it away for free without any hassle.

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There’s something nice about being able to pick up the phone and with no hassles, schedule a Free Car Removal anywhere in Sydney at a time that fits your schedule. Metro Car Removals offers all vehicles owners that service.

We provide vehicle owners with easy and convenient Car Removals that are scheduled at a time of their convenience. Scheduling can be done with just a call to us. At the time you call to let us know you want to get rid of your vehicle.

We Offer Free Car Removal In Wollongong and Sydney.

Whether you’ve driven your car into the ground, or just decided to switch it out for a shiny, new one, we offer fast car disposal in Wollongong and Sydney that’s quick, easy and best of all – pays top value.

It’s come time to say goodbye to the defunct, abandoned vehicle collecting dust in your garage but you’ve got no idea how to actually get rid of a car. You can’t drive it to the scrapyard without risking a fine and it hasn’t been road-worthy for a long time. Australia’s Motor Vehicle Recycler’s regulations state that your vehicle must be disposed of in an environmentally sound, sustainability-oriented manner in line with environmental laws. They must be de-polluted and at least 85% of the vehicle itself must be recycled. Austick’s quick car removal in Sydney makes it easy to dispose of your unwanted vehicle with green-practices that are good for the planet and your wallet.

Austick provides scrap car removal Wollongong and Sydney that is both environmentally-conscious and entirely painless. We’ve made getting rid of your car as straightforward as it can be with our transparent, flexible process – that’s why we proffer a free-of-cost vehicle evaluation service. Sustainability is central to Austick’s car removal for cash service: we take great care to dispose of your vehicle in a manner that causes at little damage to the environment as possible. We start by draining the vehicle’s fluids, gasoline, and liquids and ensuring their proper containment prior to recycling. Following that, the vehicle is carefully dismantled and we set aside parts that can be reconditioned and made suitable for resale. We make certain that absolutely nothing goes to waste that can be recycled.

Reach out to us today and let us make you an offer that’ll put the scrapyards to shame. We can have your vehicle taken off your hands within 1 hour with our fast, easy scrap car for cash Wollongong and Sydney.

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We are a licensed car buyer and are registered with Service NSW. This makes it easy to cancel your car license and number plate.