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Scrap Cars Removal is a reliable and leading car buyer offering best returns in cash for unwanted, old and broken-down vehicle.

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We are a fully insured and licensed auto buyer and wrecker and provide our car removal services throughout Wollongong, Sydney and surrounding areas.

We’re Your Premier Used Car Buyers Wollongong and Sydney.

The best way to raise the cash to buy a new car is to sell your old one. But there’s more to it putting an ad up online. Make the best deal and get cash for your car with Sydney’s premier old car buyers.

The single greatest problem with buying a new car is that you’ve got to sell your old one first! But how? Put it on Craigslist and wait for someone to lowball you? Put an ad in your local newspaper? It doesn’t have to be that complicated — Austick will make you a market competitive offer you can’t refuse. And, unlike our competitors, we’ll pay you exactly what we quoted, right on the spot in cold, hard cash. Use our handy free used car valuation Sydney tool to find out exactly how much you could be making from the sale of your car.

You’re keen to sell, and we’re keen to buy. Avoid pitfalls and ensure a smooth ride with Austick’s premier cash for car removal service. We promise to pay you a fair, market competitive price for your vehicle. We are Sydney’s leading established used car buyers for cash in Sydney and practice a policy of total-disclosure: we’re 100% licensed and insured. Your comfort and peace of mind are our priority. The Austick buying process is easy and straightforward, just fill out the handy vehicle-evaluation form on our website or give us a call to be connected to a technician and make up to $9000 on the sale of your vehicle. There’s no need to drag your vehicle out to us — just let us know when and where you’d like it picked up and we’ll tow it for free.

Give us a call at 0480 012 274 and get paid up to $9999 in cash within 1 hour. What’re you waiting for?

Here’s how:

Selling to Austick is easy and straightforward.

We’ll come to you Wollongong, south western Sydney, Bowral & Nowra

We are a licensed car buyer and are registered with Service NSW. This makes it easy to cancel your car license and number plate.