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AUS TICK Car Removal network of recycling centres is licensed to collect and recycle scrap cars throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Wollongong area, following the latest laws and regulations.

We are dedicated to reducing waste and pollution associated with vehicle disposal.

AUS TICK Car Removal also specializes in buying used cars that make a lot of money.

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If you are planning to get rid of a used car, feel free to contact us.

We know that the value of auto scrap is continuously changing, so our internal team monitors and updates these prices daily. That way, you can be confident that you will get the “best car scrap price”. Older cars are much less fuel-efficient than newer cars and produce large amounts of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Discarding inefficient old cars and prioritizing new ones reduces the carbon footprint.

Various people in Australia wanted to benefit from disposing of their car and were disappointed to find that they did not meet the requirements. But with us, we don’t “promise too much and don’t deliver.” If you want to know our growth, read here.

AUS TICK Car Removal always offers what we say! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Licensed to collect and recycle scrap cars throughout SYDNEY.

AUS TICK Car Removal also specializes in buying used cars that make a lot of money. If you are planning to get rid of a used car, feel free to contact us.

We have many years of extensive industry experience in this field and have grown our business to considerable heights. Due to our loyalty and dedication to our work, we’ve won the hearts of most people by consistently building trust over this period!

Feel The Austick Difference.

We help sellers like you dispose of unwanted vehicles every day. Skip negotiating with the scrapyards — find out what your junk car with problems is worth today with our premier car removal Wollongong and Sydney service!

At Austick, we’re committed to making the used-car selling process as simple and straightforward as possible. By providing you with a free-no-strings-attached quote, we make it easy to close on the best possible offer without having to waste your weekend driving all over town. Then when you’re ready to sell, our tow truck will come out to pick up your car and give you payment right there on-the-spot. And we’ll handle positively all of the paperwork for you. That means you can avail an eco-friendly car disposal without ever needing to leave the comfort of home or take time off work.


Forget spending frantic hours Googling: “Cash for damaged car Sydney.” At Austick, we believe your time is too valuable for you to spend it dealing with scammers, swindlers and costly car repairs. We’ve made it our mission provide you with 100% transparency — we can promise 0 hidden fees or costs and 24/7 customer support dedicated to answering all your questions. Convenient and reliable, Austick has spent years fine-tuning the process of selling your car so it’s as fast, easy and safe as possible.

That’s the Austick difference. We like what we do, and we believe in it too — that much is evident in every deal we close. We’re proud to offer you top dollar for your vehicle. Our team remains committed to going above and beyond to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction and we’ve always striven to provide every single person who sells us their car with a personalized and hassle-free experience.

We work for you, day in, day out. Get cash for unwanted cars today.


What we drive and how we drive impacts the environment. Cars are Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

We make getting cash for unwanted cars easy and eco-friendly. Our innovating, cutting-edge disposal system is designed to identify and separate every last re-useable nut, bolt and screw from your vehicle so that as little energy as possible is expended on recycling. Everything we do, we do in service of a greener Australia.

Austick Car Removal is an expert in buying all makes and models.

We guarantee fast, efficient and reliable service and are recommended by all our customers. We are a licensed car buyer and are registered with Service NSW. This makes it easy to cancel your car license and number plate.